Meet our artists: Nazira Karimi

Nazira Karimi, Kazakhstan

QYRQY, 2018

“Since early childhood, which I spent in Dushanbe, I associated the number 40 with rituals. 40days after birth, 40 days after death, 40 steps of purification in the necropolis of Shahi Zinda in Samarkand. For this work, I have assembled a handmade analog pinhole camera that uses the camera obscura technology mentioned in arab sources and works of Alhazem of the X century. I use photography not as a tool for documenting, but as a magic device, the purpose of which is to fix the subtlety of the place, trying to catch the spirits living in the necropolises of the Mangystau region. I turn to a simple basic form — a line, a point starting from the earth and going up into the sky.”