Meet our artists: Aluss

Aluss, China

Born in 1972 in Ar Horqin Banner, eastern Inner Mongolia, Aluss (阿鲁斯) began studying photography in 1995.[1] Three years later, he started to travel across the vast area of Bayanbulak, in Xinjiang, photographing the series “The World After Genghis Khan” (在成吉思汗身后). His early works are often compared to those of Josef Koudelka because of their common interest in documenting the life of exile.[2] His identification with the nomad comes partly from his Mongolian heritage and partly from the experience of living in Beijing as a perpetual “drifter” (北漂).[3] Through his lens, we see the diverse groups of people he met on the road. Specifically, while roaming across China’s northwestern frontier, he frequently encountered and photographed Tibetans.

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