About us


Anthropologist, Central Asian art and culture admirer. 

I am here because I believe that art has a great power to connect people’s lives. And I believe that it is what we need now more than ever – a moment of break to meet along the road, a symbolic tea time to listen to each other, to understand our different, and yet fundamentally similar paths.


Architect of the MUSEUM studio, independent curator of contemporary art

I got engaged in “Asphalt” because of the friendly relationship with the curatorial group: Gosia, Philipp, Aida. 

Also, there is an opportunity to look at the situation in our region in  different optics, in the context of different concepts of “Central Asia” or “Inner Asia” that include the republics of Central Asia, Mongolia and some regions of China. Interesting new characters, discoveries, projects, connections.. I wonder what constellation of artworks and the artists will turn out in our joint project.


Researcher, consultant, art manager in Central Asian projects

Two things got me interested in “Asphalt” – how roads appear and disappear and shape the lives and fates of Central Asian countries, peoples and people; and how they connect them, shifting the gaze from nations and their differences towards what they have in common and how they are affected by similar fates.


Art Producer, Curator

I came to participate in Asphalt project to reconnect with Central Asian art scene and to discover new artists from China and Mongolia. Taking new roads, starting new journeys, hearing the sound of feet walking are the signs of life full of discoveries, curiosity, and freedom.