Meet our astists: DAVAAJARGAL Tsaschikher

DAVAAJARGAL Tsaschikher, Mongolia

Musician and vocal in Mohanik / Mongolian experimental rock’n roll band, formed in 2004. Sound artist and contemporary music composer. ‘Young Leadership in Arts and Culture Program’ of Mongolian Arts Council. One of founders and member artist of ‘Human Nature Love Freedom’ contemporary art movement / established in 2013. The founder of ‘EDUGE’ contemporary music records 2016.

“…I personally believe it is the artists that work disregarding the limited opportunities within the small markets they belong to and work bravely with heartfelt dedication to their art work, are the ones carrying their fields and genres. “Mohanik” is one of these artists. I have personally followed
them since their punk band days when they wrote “A horse is very nice” with vocals reminiscent of Kurt Cobain. Davaa’s more recent work such as his album “Mohanik at Amarbaysgalant” and collaboration with the group “Human Nature Love Freedom” contemporary art movement is quite interesting not only in in the sense that it is more evocative of souls, spirits, and emotions, and is unpredictable and conceptualist in nature, but is forging and creating paths to new experiences and opportunities. In my opinion, he (they) found the right place and themes for exploration…” /part of the writing by curator M.Batzorig/