Meet our artists: Shailo Djekshenbaev

Shailo Djekshenbaev, Kyrgyzstan

Shailo Djekshenbaev was born in 1947 in Kyrgyzstan. After graduating with diploma in architecture in 1971 he began his professional career as an architect. In 1979 his passion for cinematography led him to the Cinema Academy of Goskino USSR in Moscow, where he studied animation film direction. Until collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 Shailo Djekshenbaev was creating animation films in the Kyrgyzfilm studio. Since 1992 he has become a freelance photographer. He resides and works in Kyrgyzstan.

One of the main themes of his work is the series of changes that have occurred in the Kyrgyz society after the country’s independence in 1991. This includes architectonical and environmental changes as well as the development of contemporary art in Kyrgyzstan. Shailo participates in many international art exhibitions both inside and outside Kyrgyzstan.