Meet our Artists: Lisa Ross

Lisa Ross, Uyghur region/France and USA

Lisa Ross is a photographer, video artist and educator living in New York City. Ross’s work revolves around the liminal spaces in which faith, culture and abstraction meet. Her immersive landscapes and early black and white work, explore the skin of the land. In doing so, she reveals the texture of culture, and, in time, the political realities inextricably bound to place that emerge.

Meanwhile, her portrait work has sought to capture intimacy, and touches on issues of identity, gender and belonging.

Ross also investigates physical manifestations of faith, with journeys to the Sahara and Sinai leading to an ongoing body of work exploring pilgrimage. In recent work, Ross made repeated visits in and around the Taklamakan Desert—visiting sites of Uyghur shrines. These hand-made markers of faith leave an indelible mark on the landscape—touching on cycles of life and death, pilgrimage and sainthood. They are an affirmation of existence, a collective experience that is overpowering in its very humility.

The resulting large-scale photo and video works have been exhibited internationally, and refer to the site-specific traditions of land artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, evoking the existence and awe-inspiring power of landscape. The series culminated in the book Living Shrines of Uyghur China, published by The Monacelli Press and distributed internationally by Random House.

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