Winners List

We have received over 50 artwork submissions. Making a final selection was hard!  We would like to thank all artists for submitting their art works. After days of reviews and discussions, we came up with the short list of participants that we invite to work on this project with us: 

China (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region):



Fatima Omir, Nazira Karimi, Ramil Niyazov, Said Atabekov, Zoya Falkova


Altyn Kapalova, Marat Raimkulov, Meder Akhmetov, Shailo Djekshenbaev, Sonata Raimkulova


Curatorial project submitted by Dr. Orna Tsultem, Davaajargal Tsaschikher, Zulaa Urchuud

Uyghur region/France and USA

Lisa Ross, Mukaddas Mijiti

Invited Guests

Ikuru Kuwajima  (Japan/Moscow), Madlen Kobi  (Switzerland/Xinjang)